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Web Development • Computer Support • Audio & Video Production


Website Development


Video Production


Jon Noack is a technology services manager for the public school system in Lincoln, Nebraska. He also loves to do freelance work in his spare time including building websites, providing computer support, and audio/video projects and support. With over 20 years of experience with technology, he has developed a wide range of skills.

Web Development
  • HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, WordPress
  • Design and Backend Development
  • Domain registrations and site hosting setup
Computer Support
  • MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android,
  • Laptop, Desktop, and Portable device configuration and troubelshooting
Audio and Video
  • Audio and Video production, including recording and editing
  • Multimedia production including video slideshows
  • Video recordings of guest speakers, weddings, small events

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Redeemer Lutheran Church

The Redeemer Lutheran Church website was developed using WordPress development. A custom theme was created for the project and allows multiple users to edit pages. Features of the site include rotating slideshows, weekly sermon audio, contact and registration forms, and a section of the site dedicated to the magnificent stained glass windows of the church. Click to view site.

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Lincoln Lutheran Churches

This website was developed for Lutheran Church Lincoln Circuit of churches in Lincoln, Nebraska. This site was built using bootstrap site development to create a responsive site which makes it size adjustable depending on the site of screen it is viewed on (ie phone, computer, tablet). Click to view site.

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Nebraska High School Bowling

I was asked to create an online statistics system for the Nebraska High School Bowling federation. This site allowed coaches to enter team rosters and scores from competitions. It would use the entered data to calculate all of the statistics for each bowler and team such as averages, standings, rankings, etc. The site utilized a MySQL database to store date and used an extensive list of SQL queries to generate the site data. The site consists of two sides. One is the publicly accessible site displaying all of the statistics and results. The other side is for coaches to log in and enter team rosters and competition results. The design of the stats system was done to match the design of their existing website.
Click to view site.

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English District Lifeline

This site was developed for The English District of the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod to use for life issues. The site features a rotating slideshow and a clickable map. Click to view site.

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St. Michael's Lutheran Church

St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon asked me to develop their church website. It is built on Wordpress using a custom built theme allowing selected individuals to manage and update pages. A google calendar embedded on the site is configured to sync with the secretary's Outlook calendar to allow the church to easily display their calendar of events. Click to view site.

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St. Paul's Lutheran Church Early Childhood Center

I developed this site for the Early Childhood Center of St. Paul's Lutheran in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It is a custom WordPress theme that uses the Bootstrap CSS framework to allow client editing of the content on the site's pages. Click to view site.

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Wedding Highlight Video

This highlight video of Jake and Megan's wedding was part of a DVD created of their special day. A full three-camera production video was taken of their wedding and reception while this highlights video took key parts of both and incorporated music selected by the couple. Click to view video.

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